Kim’s creative fitness instruction, based on TPI, has enabled me to focus my fitness sessions on core strength, balance, and the muscles and flexibility needed in the golf swing. I have played competitive golf from a young age, but as a senior, am now playing some of the best golf of my life.
Tim Hultquist

I have been working out with Kim, using TRX for 6/7 years and I love it.  While the workouts are very strenuous ( I often break a sweat in the first 5-10 minutes) they are great because they are very focused and work every muscle group that supports the core. While I have been working out  regularly since I retired in 2001 at 52 doing cardio and weight training classes, nothing comes close to the efficiency and effectiveness of Kim and TRX workouts. I also work with Kim and her husband Tom using the “Titleist Performance Institute- TPI” program to improve my golf game.  My strength and balance have been greatly improved and my golf is more consistent (which I see as very important). I have even started working with a new trainer in VT to support what Kim and I have accomplished over the years.  The groups Kim puts together are fun as well as people who are serious about the tasks at hand.
Alan Wiegand

I have been training with Kim for almost five years.   Her expertise in TRX is outstanding.
When I began, Kim told me that TRX is a “body changing” core workout….  And, she was right about that.
I think where Kim shines is the way she focuses on correct form during every phase of
a training session, checking on her clients to protect them from harm during that session.
What I appreciate also about Kim is how she asks you how you feel before you begin every session and
if you have any issues that day, she will work around that problem and still give you a great workout.
Jeanne Nappa

“You can always find another gym, but you won’t find another Kim.”
I have been dancing with Kim for over twenty years, happily following her to a few different locations in order to be with this incredibly talented instructor. I am her #1 fan! Kim is passionate, and serious about her craft, whether it’s her phenomenal choreography or her rigorous physical training–she makes fitness FUN. Her enthusiasm is infectious, with laughter as a key element. Kim shares her joy and love for dance, exercise and life. She is a beautiful, brilliant light inspiring her students to be the best they want to be. As long as I can bust a move, I’ll be doing it with Kim!
Leilani Chandler

I don’t take Kim’s classes, but my wife does, and she has taken them for more years than I can count. When she comes home and I ask her how class was, words like “stupendous” and “fantastic” gleefully come out of her mouth as her entire face smiles. I jokingly call Kim ‘The other woman’ because my wife is so eager to leave home to get to class.
Kim, it has always been my aim to make Leilani smile every day and you give her the dance smile that I cannot. So my only choice is to pay for her classes. That way, in an indirect way, I’ve given her that smile through you, and instead of ‘the other woman’ we are ‘partners’ in her joy. Thanks for making her mornings so happy.
Bob Norton

I am so happy to be a part of Kim’s TRX group! I started out with a lot of trepidation about starting her group. I was overweight, out of shape and had no core strength. With the support of Kim (who texts me every time I miss class) and everyone in my TRX Session and a better diet, I have lost 40 pounds. I am down from a size 16 to size 8 and can plank with the best of them. More importantly I have a waist again!
Leslie London

I sure wish I had met Kim years ago in Vero. She has a wonderful talent for helping and motivating a person. I thank her so much for sharing it with me. It must be her retail experience that enables her to connect so well with people. Many thanks.
Hoyt Chapin

Founder of Pottery Barn

I’ve been working with Kim for approximately 10 years. I have a history of back and neck problems and Kim is always monitoring me for use of proper form to prevent injury. She is a master at tweaking clients to optimize their workouts. She does this with enthusiasm and a big smile. Our workouts are always varied and never boring. It’s obvious that she takes great pride in her work and truly cares about each and every client. Her motivation has kept me coming back for years!
Bonnie Wetherell

Kim Thornton is the best fitness professional you could find! As her client for nine years, Kim has not only helped me to transform my body, but has educated me in all aspects of the fitness industry. Her thorough research into the cutting edge fitness developments mixed with her years of experience is the perfect combination to ensure you will have the safest, most efficient, and most effective workout every time. As an avid participant in Kim’s Dance Class, you will not find a more fun, energetic, challenging, and rewarding group exercise program. Kim’s knowledge and creativity are matched only with her strong and kind heart. She is a wonderful trainer and instructor and I would recommend her to all people, of all ages, and of all abilities. After moving out of town for my career, there is not a day that goes by that I (and my body) don’t miss Kim!
Amanda Cousneau

When you get up and change...

Your body will follow.
Kim's Core Fit